David Carradine's Family Thinks He Was Assasinated

June 8, 2009 By:
David Carradine's Family Thinks He Was Assasinated

David Carradine's family insists that he was murdered by a secret kung fu sect.

His family does not believe that Carradine would commit suicide and are convinced that he was "assassinated" because he was trying to expose an underworld martial arts group.

Carradine was found dead in his hotel room last week and his death still remains a mystery. He was found naked with ropes tied around his neck, genitals and wrists.

The Thai police don't believe that there was any foul play but the actor's family is not convinced.

Carradine's family attorney Mark Geragos says, "David was very interested in investigating and disclosing secret societies - absolutely. What that means is connected to his interest in martial arts.

"And so there is a suspicion that if there was some foul play, that may be the first area they should look."

Carradine's family has asked the FBI to conduct their own investigation.