David Carradine Had Death Threats in the Past

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David Carradine Had Death Threats in the Past

There are so many reports surrounding the mysterious death of David Carradine. The latest report suggests that Carradine’s family believes a secret Kung Fu sect murdered the 72-year-old actor.

Hollyscoop caught up with David’s co-star Frank Krueger who stared with David in one of his last films Break . Krueger, who is a martial arts practitioner said, “There have always been stories of martial arts societies that kill those that threaten their secrecy. One of the widely held theories about Bruce Lee's death was that he was killed by one of these groups for teaching martial arts secrets."

Krueger admitted that these types of secret societies aren’t unheard of and are pretty widely accepted amongst the martial arts world. "I don't have any knowledge of any specific groups and did not speak to David about any of this," added Krueger.

Krueger does remember hearing stories from David on the set of Break about "standing up to crime families that threatened him back in the seventies."

"He carried himself with a large martial arts presence and from his story it was clear that he was pretty fearless when dealing with groups of that nature," continued Krueger.

Two days before his death, Carradine had flown to Thailand to begin work on his latest film Stretch. The actor was found dead, hanging in the closet, in his luxurious hotel room in Thailand. In regards to his death Krueger said, “I can't say whether or not David was killed for uncovering a secret society or not, but as a martial artist I think it would be a legendary end to an extraordinary life. Like Bruce Lee, mystery often surrounds the death of the great ones.”

Krueger went on to say, "My experience of martial arts is one of enlightenment and growth, not violence and murder. However, it is not inconceivable to me that there could be an ancient society that currently existed that might cause harm to others."

In regards to thoughts that Carradine might have committed suicide, Krueger says, "Personally, as unbelievable as it may sound, the theories currently being discussed as the cause of death make more sense to me than suicide.

"I don't know what happened to David in Bangkok, but hopefully through a formal and thorough investigation, the family will be able to get closure. My heart goes out to them, as I respect David as a martial artist and an actor. David was a fascinating and great man."

Break was one of the last films David Carradine filmed, and will be available on DVD starting July 14. Click here to check out more information on Break.

What are your thoughts in regards to all this. Do you believe David was murdered by a secret Kung Fu sect or did he commit suicide?

Frank Krueger and David Carradine during Q&A for BREAK in Los Angeles on May 1, 2009. Photo credit: Clinton Wallace