David Blaine Kicks Off Latest Stunt

September 22, 2008 By:
David Blaine Kicks Off Latest Stunt

David Blaine kicked off his latest stunt of idiocracy today. He'll be hanging upside down 50 feet in the air in the middle of Central Park in New York City for three full days. Imagine how many crack pipes and deals he'll be able to see go down from up there?!

Doctors are a little nervous about this stunt, saying Blaine could very well
endure a stroke or permanently lose his eyesight. Throughout the 3 days, he will only drink water, and will use the bathroom via a tube. All great reasons to go through with it!

Blaine says, "You'll feel it. The blood gathers in your head. It becomes overwhelming. You start to get a headache. Your eyes start to feel really tight with blood pressure, your extremities start to tingle. Your lungs feel compressed. And it makes it more difficult to breathe. You'll notice that you won't even be able to talk the same way - your voice will be different."

We're assuming my the words "you" and "your," he's talking about himself. Because we don't know any fools crazy enough to do what he's doing!