David Blaine Is Going Upside Down

August 21, 2008 By:
David Blaine Is Going Upside Down

David Blaine is getting in touch with his inner bat with his next stunt. He's decided he'll hang upside down above Central Park for three days and two nights.

That's going to cause a huge ruckus in NYC. Where will all the crackheads hide out? That's their turf!

He'll be hanging six stories off the ground on a high wire. David picked Central Park because he knows everyone and their mother will come out to see him, and he feeds off the energy of knowing people are staring at him.

Blaine says, "There are always some crazy things. I get flashed quite often. Luckily, mostly from girls."

The stunt, called Dive of Death, will air on TV on September 24th. Oh yeah, and he can't eat throughout the whole thing. Guy must have a death wish!