David Blaine Gets the Chills for Charity

December 23, 2008 By:
David Blaine Gets the Chills for Charity

Magician David Blaine, who has made headlines in the past for sitting on a block of ice for 63 years, literally gave the coat off his back today and donated it to the New York Cares coat drive.

Blaine stood in Manhattan's Bryant Park wearing only a T-shirt and slacks in 15 weather and collected coats and signed autographs for fans.

"If you really want to understand why the Coat Drive is important, try standing outside for an hour without a coat," Blaine explained.

When he was asked to do some of his infamous card tricks, he politely refused because his hands were simply too cold.

You don't have to stand around in the cold outdoors to show that you care. Just go through your closet and gather up some old coats (you know you have some!) and donate them to NY Cares Coat Drive. It's going to a good cause and you'll be doing your good deed of the day. Santa will be proud of you.