Tom Cruise: I Wanna Do An Action Movie With David Beckham

December 16, 2011 By:
Tom Cruise: I Wanna Do An Action Movie With David Beckham

Well, this isn’t going to do much to dispel any rumors…

Tom Cruise has announced that he wants to work with soccer superstar David Beckham. Get in line, couch jumper.

Cruise told the U.K’s Mirror that he would “love to action movies with Beckham.”

But Beckham, if you think Tom Cruise is going to turn you into a big time movie star without there being a price to pay, you better think again.

“David would have to teach me to play soccer first,” Cruise teased.

“He would be great,” Cruise continued.

We get it, you like David Be--

“He could kick ass.”

I’m really trying to keep things nice and PG because, you know, it’s the holidays and all. But because there’s only so much I can hold back, I’ll just stop posting quotes of Tom Cruise gushing about David Beckham now.

Wait, one more.

“[David] would make a great baddie.”

Okay. Let’s move on. This isn’t the first time David Beckham has been linked to someone in Hollywood.

According to a source: “David has been linked with Hollywood a number of times but Tom is the only one he’d ever take up, he thinks Tom’s a legend.” The source continued that if Beckham did decide to transition to film, the movie would have to be something sporty.

“He’d still like to have a sporting element to it. Tom’s a sporty guy, too, so any collaboration would be about something competitive.”

Tom Cruise is out and about recently, promoting his new flick, Mission Impossibly: Ghost Protocol. The man is about to turn 50, but he’s not slowing down.

“I feel very lucky to still be doing this,” Cruise said. “And to still be able to do it the way I want. I’m excited about turning 50 but it won’t change me.”