The Beckham's to Spend Thanksgiving With the Troops

November 18, 2009 By:
The Beckham's to Spend Thanksgiving With the Troops

David Beckham, his wife Victoria and their three kids are going to leave their posh Beverly Hills home behind for a few days and spend Thanksgiving with the troops.

The Beckham's are planning a visit to Kaiserslautern, South West Germany, to stay in US barracks from next Monday to show support for soldiers in Afghanistan.

During the visit, the Beckham's will visit troops and their families in their homes at the base, as well as meeting injured soldiers at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Centre.

As if having the Beckham's over at your house isn't cool enough, David will spend Thanksgiving day playing soccer against Kaiserslautern FC and will give away over 25,000 tickets to US servicemen, Defense Department staff and their families so they can come and enjoy the game.

Becks got a little heat from the British army because he choose to visit US troops for the holiday instead, but Colonel Bob Stewart, Chairman of Action for Armed Forces, said the soldiers would be happy to get a visit from any famous face.

“Beckham plays for an American team and I expect he goes wherever they want him to go. There are plenty of other people who can travel to support British troops instead of him. If he does want to visit them in the future that's fine. If not, someone else will,” he said.

Beckham has a heart of gold, so for anyone to be upset with him over his visit is ridiculous. We're sure he's already planning a visit with the British troops in the near future and the details haven't been worked out yet. What a great way to spend your Thanksgiving--by giving thanks!