The Beckhams To Become Cartoon Characters

October 23, 2008 By:
The Beckhams To Become Cartoon Characters

Comic book mogul Stan Lee wants to turn Victoria Beckham and David Beckham into cartoon characters! And they won’t be just any old characters. Lee wants them to be a crime-fighting duo! Lee, who also created Spider-Man, is currently working on transforming Paris Hilton into a comic book character, and he has high hopes for Posh and Becks. He says the beauty of the power couple is what drew him to them in the first place.

Lee says of his idea, "There are so many ways to do it. We could make them a crime fighting team where the soccer is just a facade.
Or we could make them spies or we could make it a comedy where one of them wants to be an adventurer? He’s a very attractive, personable guy and she’s a very attractive, interesting looking girl. I haven’t met the Beckhams yet but I think we could do a great show

We think they’d definitely get some viewers! But would David and Victoria ever agree to it?