Soccer Studs Worthy of Becoming the Next Beckham

June 30, 2014 By:
Soccer Studs Worthy of Becoming the Next Beckham
Image By: Getty Images / Jasper Juinen

Soccer players have the highest chance of achieving sport to celebrity crossover, mostly because their sport doesn’t require them to have giant meaty football bodies. They just look like better versions of regular dudes, e.g. David Beckham.

These are the new soccer studs who are WORTHY of becoming the next David Beckham, i.e. achieve fame, stay hot, and marry someone famous and/or hot.

Olivier Giroud - France


He’s ALREADY a center-fold.


Girard Piqué – Spain

Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

He’s Shakira’s boyfriend, so these two are perfectly primed to become the next sports-celeb power couple.


Neymar - Brazil


He’s already landed a Vogue cover. Any reason why he shouldn’t be a star?


Kyle Beckerman – USA


Everyone is talking about "that white guy with the dreadlocks.” So, he’s already a national celebrity.


Claudio Marchisio - Italy

Dolce & Gabbana

Uhmm, underwear model…der.


Lukas Podolski – Germany


Dat torso tho!


Keisuke Honda - Japan


He’s fashionable and often changes up his hair like Beckham in the early days.


James Milner – England

Victor Fraile/Getty Images

He’s got that Tom Brady vibe, i.e. we could see him cleaning up WELL at the Met Gala, or something.


Graham Zusi – USA

Abelimages/Getty Images

Graham Zusi has a GREAT head of hair. We’re not even sure why he hasn't been asked to model everything already?


Sergio Agüero – Argentina

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Sometimes we feel like you could swap this guy into One Direction, and nobody would notice.


Alexis Sanchez - Chile

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

This little guy is as cute as a button! Also, boy band material.