Snoop's Not A Bad Influence

January 14, 2008 By:
Snoop's Not A Bad Influence

Victoria Beckham is very protective of her husband and her children, as any good wife would be. Snoop Dogg admits that Victoria was not so fond of him when the two first met a while back. Posh was worried that Snoop was going to be a bad influence on her husband David.

Snoop has a “bad boy” image and Posh was fearful that his bad boy-ness would rub off on David as well.

He says, "I met Posh one time, at the Live 8 concert. She didn't really like me much. She didn't like my bad boy persona. All she knew was, 'Snoop Dogg's a bad guy. I don't want my husband dealing with him - he's going to rub off on my husband.'"

"But now she's seen my (reality TV) show, and I think I'm cool with her now that she knows that I'm family orientated, that I have a structure and a wife."

Have you guys seen Snoop Dogg’s show? The show has seemed to show off Snoop in a positive way.
I'm a reality show junkie so naturally I'm a fan of the show.