L.A. Galaxy Defends David Beckham

April 20, 2008 By:
L.A. Galaxy Defends David Beckham

David Beckham has been getting a lot of heat from fans of the L.A Galaxy because of his 'movie star' lifestyle. Fans are saying that Beckham is spending more time with his celebrity friends rather than on the field. Fan leader Rick Cordillo says, "He's spending more time on red carpets than he is on green grass - and what kind of example is he setting younger players with the team struggling the way it is?"

This guy is silly! David Beckham has been on maybe one red carpet since he's been to L.A. He is getting blamed for going to dinner with his wife and friends who happen to be celebrities. Didn't know dinner was not allowed when you are David Beckham.

L.A. Galaxy bosses also think that fans are overreacting. They defended Beckham's lifestyle by saying, "He's the first one on the training pitch and the last one off. What he does in his private life in no way reflects on the team...He's a major celebrity and he's bound to attract attention wherever he goes."

He's just getting a lot of heat because he is a really big celebrity. Pretty sure other teammates go out as much if not more than David Beckham.