Everyone Wants a Piece of Beckham

April 28, 2008 By:
Everyone Wants a Piece of Beckham

Everyone Wants a Piece of Beckham---literally! While in Hawaii for a game with his Galaxy team, David Beckham was nice enough to give away his shirt to two young fans that were anxiously waiting for the Soccer ace.

Well no good deed goes unpunished because that t-shirt has landed him in the middle of messy legal battle between the two young boys.

Becks approached the young boys, age 9 and 10, following a match at Honolulu's Aloha Stadium last week and handed over his sweaty shirt. The parents realized they could sell the shirt on eBay for a quick buck but were left arguing over who gets to keep the shirt. The argument has now developed into a lawsuit.

?Stunned LA Galaxy general manager Alexi Lalas says, "My suggestion is that the judge get a pair of scissors, cut the thing in half and give half to each."

What a great example to set for your kids. Nothing says 'Parent of the Year' like a greedy mom or dad with money signs in their eyes. Such a shame.