David Beckham's Lawyers Want Him in Milan

February 4, 2009 By:
David Beckham's Lawyers Want Him in Milan

Say it isn’t so! David Beckham’s lawyers are reportedly looking into getting him out of his L.A. Galaxy contract so he can stay in Milan and play abroad.

"Beckham's lawyers are talking to the Los Angeles Galaxy, who are the rightful owners of his registration," Britain's Press Association quotes AC Milan's general manager Adriano Galliani as saying. "If they show themselves to be ready to look at a deal, we would be really happy to do so."

He added, "We are looking to get him either on loan until the end of the season or on a permanent basis. Otherwise, with the greatest regret from everyone – starting with me – Beckham will have to go."

David isn’t the only one who wants to stay in Milan, in an interview with Italian Vanity Fair, Victoria Beckham said: "I am happy [here] because I know he is happy at Milan.”

She added that she has enjoyed living in the "vibrant" city, splitting her time between America, the UK and Italy.

She said: "I like Milan a lot. I know so many people there, especially in the world of fashion: Dolce and Gabbana, Armani... The city is vibrant, full of energy and passion. You eat well. There are no reasons not to appreciate Milan."

And we appreciate David Beckham and all his hotness, so please don’t take him away from us! LA won’t be the same without him and his Armani underwear.

Do you think David made a mistake by accepting the L.A. Galaxy deal? Should the LA bosses allow him to opt out of his contract and head back abroad?