David Beckham To Play For Milan And The Galaxy

October 24, 2008 By:
David Beckham To Play For Milan And The Galaxy

There’s a lot of news from the Beckham camp to report! It looks like David Beckham will indeed go play for AC Milan, but he wants to make sure it doesn’t affect his allegiance to the
LA Galaxy.

Beckham is currently in talks with Milan, and will likely come to a decision in the next few days. He wants to play for Milan because their season is longer than here in the U.S., and then return to LA for next season.

He says, ''One of the reasons I want to train and play in Milan for a few months is the fact that the MLS season doesn't run as long as the European season and my body is programmed to actually not have that amount of time off.

''AC Milan is one of the biggest clubs in the world, I've been lucky enough to play with one of the biggest clubs in England, one of the biggest clubs in Spain and now I'm being given the chance to play with one of the biggest clubs in Italy.

''I'm hoping to go to Milan to train and play with them. I've played with two of the biggest clubs in the world, Man Utd and Real Madrid. I've been given the chance to join up with Milan for a couple of months and I'm very honored.''

In related news, David and Victoria are in talks to make a documentary upon their arrival to Milan. It will be similar to Posh’s Coming To America show which showed her going through the process of adjusting to life in the states.

Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, who owns AC Milan, is said to be planning to offer the Beckhams $16 million for the film. A source tells Britain’s Daily Mirror, "It will be similar in format to the U.S
documentary last year, but this time the budget is absolutely huge. It will be a really polished, professional production. With Silvio 100 per cent behind the project, as part of his vision to expand the AC Milan brand, it really will be no holds barred."

Wow! That’s pretty nice of him! Can you imagine President Bush ever offering the Beckhams something like that? That’s just weird! Doesn’t the prime minister need the money for other things? Like his country?? We’ll keep you updated on the news out of the Beckham camp. He’s likely to reach a deal with Milan in the next few days.