David Beckham Tells Us How Soccer Can 'Change People's Lives'

January 20, 2012 By:
David Beckham Tells Us How Soccer Can 'Change People's Lives'

Well for one, you get caught up in the World Cup and end up abandoning everything else in your life for four weeks straight.

David Beckham turned down a multi-million dollar deal for the Paris St. Germain soccer team and just signed a two-year contract with the LA Galaxy. And now, he's telling us why.

“It was a lot easier for us to make decisions based on our careers,” Beckham said, talking about his wife, Victoria.

“We have three amazing boys and a little girl we have to look after so now our priorities are all about them. My family is happiest here at the moment. We love living in LA, we love living in America. We've adapted to the culture and everything the country has."

U.S.A! U.S.A!

Beckham also says that he plans to retire in Africa so he can coach underprivileged children.

“These kids are walking about with literally no clothes on. But you arrive, put a soccer ball in front of them and they play like my kids play. That's what soccer can do. It can change people's lives. It can take them away from the lives they've got every day. That's the power of soccer.”

And David is still in awe of his daughter, Harper Seven.

“I'm changing her diaper and thinking I can't believe I've got a girl. Everything about her is feminine - the way she moves, eats, smiles," he gushed. "Naturally the first word is going to be 'Momma.' She's close to it already, she's saying a few things."