David Beckham Takes On Kitchen Duties

July 20, 2011 By:
David Beckham Takes On Kitchen Duties

Damn you, Beckham! Just when we thought there was no possible way he could get any hotter, I now give you the image of David Beckham wearing nothing but an apron, cooking dinner for his family.

DAVID: But, I was wearing a…

ME: * puts finger over mouth * sshh….

While wife Victoria has been taking care of their new baby, David has been taking care of the more domestic aspects of their relationship. David posted a picture of the dinner he made to his Facebook page, and under it, left the caption: "A little something I made earlier…a homemade Risotto for the family."

David and Victoria gave birth to their first daughter, Harper Seven, on July 7th. Their three sons—Brookyln, 12, Romeo, 8, and 6 year-old Cruz, have been adjusting to having another lady in the house.

Beckham told Hollyscoop:

"It's a whole different thing. There's pink, there's lilac in the house."

David said of his family addition: "To have that little bundle of joy and your hands and her making her little noises and opening her eyes - it really is an incredible moment for us."

Between a beautiful wife and four children, David has it all. He was also recently voted the Most Influential Sports Star in the World. He beat out a slue of big names from Barcelona soccer player Lionel Messi to tennis superstar Rafael Nadal.

Oh, and he's hot.