David Beckham Strips Down For New Commercial

January 11, 2013 By:
David Beckham Strips Down For New Commercial

Oh good, something to get me through this day. David Beckham in his underwear.

David Beckham, fully aware of his sole reason for being famous, has just taken his pants off for the umpteenth time and I ain’t mad at it!

David is filming a new commercial for his “Bodywear” collection at H&M, which is just a fancy way of saying “underwear.”

Madonna’s ex-husband Guy Ritchie is filming the campaign which features David being chased through his Beverly Hills neighborhood in only his boxer briefs. Lucky neighbors.

“I hope everyone has as much fun watching the film as I had making it,” says Ritchie.

Oh, I can preemptively guarantee that EVERYONE will have A LOT OF FUN watching it. #Truth.

“David is the perfect leading man,” says Ritchie, “For me, this felt like more than a campaign – it was like directing a short film.”

I wonder why David Beckham doesn’t act? Hmmm, just throwing that thought out into the universe.

The campaign as well as the Bodywear will hit stores and screens on February 6th, 2013, just in time to buy your boyfriend some David Beckham underwear and wallow in the knowledge that your man doesn’t really look like Beckham does in the ads. Le sigh.