David Beckham Reveals The Secrets To A Happy Relationship

March 5, 2012 By:
David Beckham Reveals The Secrets To A Happy Relationship

Secret #1: Be David Beckham. That’d be enough for most of us.

David Beckham is an international soccer star, devoted dad, loyal husband, and, oh right, he’s also kind of good looking. So it’s no wonder Women’s Health Magazine wanted to get to know Beckham better by asking him about everything from his love life to what he sings in the shower.

“You always need to give the other person attention and make sure to show them how much you love them,” Beckham said about the secret to a successful relationship. He adds that it’s also important “to love and respect one another and work hard.”

And if Victoria Beckham wasn’t lucky enough, she also has someone to watch guilty pleasure movies with.

“I confess—I love a good romantic comedy,” Beckham told the mag.

He adds that marriage and fatherhood has changed him for the better.

“You become less selfish as a person,” David said.

When asked whether he prefers blondes, brunettes, or redheads, David responded: “Whatever hair color my wife Victoria happens to be.”

You have trained him well, Victoria.

Beckham says that when it comes to going out or staying at home, “I like both, but I prefer a night at home.”

The most impressive thing he can cook? “Risotto.”

His pet peeve? “Untidiness.”

And his go-to shower tune? “Any Frank Sinatra song,” David admits.

Beckham also says that when he’s off the field, he likes to incorporate his family into his workouts.

“I have great outdoor lifestyle. I like to run and cycle and go to the beach and play sports with the kids. They keep me fit.”