David Beckham Reveals New Harper Tattoo

August 8, 2011 By:
David Beckham Reveals New Harper Tattoo

If were talking Hollywood DILF’s, hands down David Beckham will always take the cake. Mr. Beckham just revealed the latest in his tattoo collection after LA Galaxy beat FC Dallas 3-1 on Saturday. The new ink is a tattoo of his daughter’s name, “Harper.”

For starters, having tattoos is usually very hot (except for anything involving thorns or names of ex-lovers) but getting a tattoo of your daughters name is “good dad” plus “super hot” thereby making Victoria Beckham the most enviable woman ever.

Anyways, this isn’t Beckhams first tattoo in honor of his kids. Beckham reveals the name “Harper” tattoos across his collarbone right above a tattoo of Jesus being carried by three cherubs. The Cherubs are supposed to represent each of his three boys.

The tattoos are for when he forgets his kids’ names. Kidding.

Also, Brooklyn’s name is inked on his lower back, Romeo is on the back of his neck and Cruz's name is on the middle of his back.

But it doesn’t stop there. Beckham also has his kids names stitched into the side of his pink & white soccer cleats.

Beckham is a good Dad, but I’m surprised he hasn’t just changed the name on the back of his Jersey to all 4 of his kids’ names. Also, lets tattoo the names of his cats and dogs too while were at it. There’s plenty of space on his body for Fido the Dog to get inked somewhere.

After all these boys David Beckham recently told Hollyscoop what it’s like having a little girl, “Having a daughter is a whole new thing. Having pink in the house and lilac in the house. And you have to be a lot more delicate with girls than with boys and I’m not used to that so it’s a whole new experience but it’s an amazing experience.”

If those pink cleats are any indication, he’s got the whole “it’s a girl” thing down.

Baby girl Harper takes after both Dad and Mom, ““She’s a mixture of me and Victoria,” David told Hollyscoop. “She’s a mixture of our sons as well. She’s absolutely stunning,” David proudly gushed.

So can we expect a tatted up soccer star in Harper’s future or a fashionable pop star for the little girl? I’m guessing mini fashionista is a safe call. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.