David Beckham Playing Soccer, Shirtless

June 25, 2012 By:
David Beckham Playing Soccer, Shirtless

David Beckham flaunted his enviable bod on Friday (June 23, 2012) at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles, where he led his soccer team, the L.A. Galaxy, in a 3-0 victory against the Vancouver White Caps.

The soccer star was spotted in action, sporting both a new mustache and also seen draping his arm around some young girl. Is she the watergirl? Someone’s daughter? Why isn’t she flinching knowing that the hottest thing to happen to American soccer has his arm around her? Anyways, moving on.

Beckham also stripped down to just his shorts and gave the audience a thumbs up. That sentiment should really be the other way around.

Two of his sons, Brooklyn and Romeo were spotted in the stands cheering on their dad. Sidebar: Why doesn't Beckham have a cameo in "Magic Mike?" Just thinking out loud.

In related news, the golden torch that Beckham carried during this years Olympic torch passing ceremony is going up for auction. The torch is signed by Beckham and is among a number of other Games memorabilia up for sale on the official website.

There are currently 9 days left to bid on the torch and the current bid is at $9,500. Yeah, nearly 10 grand to hold a golden torch that Beckham once touched.

Or, you can head on down to the Home Depot Center and watch Beckham trot around shirtless at a soccer game.