David Beckham: 'My Naked Days Are Over'

February 2, 2012 By:
David Beckham: 'My Naked Days Are Over'

I hate to start your morning off with such terrible news.

David Beckham admits he likes to walk around his Los Angeles home in his underwear, in front of his wife Victoria Beckham. But David says taking it all off at home is inappropriate now, because he has a little girl.

"My naked days are over," Beckham said. "I definitely walk around the house in my underwear. But not naked. With the boys it's not a problem because they're naked all the time but with a little girl now, it is different."

David released his first body wear collection with H&M yesterday, and the ad is basically just black and white, 360 degree shots of David Beckham in his underwear. It was very effective advertising. I don’t know if it'll sell underpants, but it will definitely affect people.

Unveiling the collection in London, David said his kids get embarrassed with all the underwear modeling.

"They say 'Oh my God Daddy - not again'. They were like, 'That's really good, but everyone's gonna see you in your pants.'"

Wait…why are his kids saying, "that's really good?"

'We know underwear modeling, daddy, and that's really good underwear modeling. Well done.'

And speaking of David Beckham's underwear (as we have been all week), the soccer superstar says he doesn’t believe in having a "lucky" pair of underpants.

"I never had a lucky pair of underpants," he said.

And for some reason, reporters asked if anyone had ever seen him in bad underwear.

"Thankfully not," Beckham said. "My parents always provided me with nice underwear."