David Beckham Lists His Rolls Royce on Ebay & Other Extravagant Celebrity Cars

January 27, 2012 By:
David Beckham Lists His Rolls Royce on Ebay & Other Extravagant Celebrity Cars

eBay is great for getting rid of old crap you don’t need--boots, college textbooks, a 2008 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead…

David Beckham has listed his unique, custom-made Rollys Royce Phantom on eBay. The going price is $392K. I wonder if that’s the Buy It Now price.

The ride is described as “meticulously maintained,” as it comes with only 5,914 miles. It includes $3,100 24-inch wheels and a custom-made TV/DVD Entertainment unit. You know, in case you get bored in traffic and feel like watching some Real Housewives reruns.

Beckham is selling one of the most pimped out rides in Hollywood, and to kiss it goodbye, we're brining you a few other extravagant celebrity cars.

Jay-Z & His Maybach Exelero: Jay-Z’s car cost more than a lot of celebrities spend on their homes. At $8 million—yes million—the car was custom built and is one-of-a kind. Might as well live in that thing.

Jerry Seinfeld & His Porsche: Jerry is an avid car collector. He’s got so many rides in his collection, he makes Jay Leno look like he’s collecting Hot Wheels. But Seinfeld’s prized possession is a Porsche 959. It’s one of only 331 and costs around $700,000.

Paris Hilton & Her Pink Bentley: If you live in Los Angeles, there’s no mistaking Paris Hilton’s paparazzi-magnet. In 2008, Hilton bought the car for $200,000, had it custom-built and designed, with a diamond-encrusted dashboard. And nearly every bit of this car is bright pink.

Justin Bieber & His Batmobile: Yes, the teen pop star has every youngster’s dream car: the Batmobile. Bieber had a Cadillac customized to look like the famous comic car, and he even added the phrase “Batmobile” on it. Just in case you didn’t get it.