David Beckham Is Taking Over The World

June 28, 2008 By:
David Beckham Is Taking Over The World

David Beckham is slowly taking over the world. If he has his way, we will soon start drinking David Beckham water.

Becks is rumored to be in talks with Pepsi to launch his own brand of water. Odd? Just a little bit.

A source says, “[Beckham] is a global brand in himself and there is more scope for him to promote his own products.”

David is keen to go down the healthy route to keep in with his sporty image. He has an idea for creating a range of healthy products, including water. That’s something PepsiCo might develop with him.”

Naturally his face will be on the water bottle and it will be sold worldwide. He will apparently be making $3 million by doing so.

Something tells us this water venture is not going to do so well in the states, but it will probably be a success overseas. Is there anything hasn't done yet?