David Beckham Goes Shirtless for Elle Magazine

May 29, 2012 By:
David Beckham Goes Shirtless for Elle Magazine

In case you missed it, David Beckham is hot. Beckham recently did a hot photo shoot for Elle Magazines and we have the photos!

Beckham, who is Elle Magazine’s very first cover boy, shows off his ripped chest, tattooed sleeves, abs of steal and... wait for it... Tight. Wet. Jeans. (It’s all just too much for one complete sentence).

And if all this weren’t enough incentive for Elle’s primarily female readership to pick up a copy, Beckham gushes about his wife and kids in the interview. Specifically the joy he experiences as a father to 10 month-old daughter Harper Seven (his other three kids are boys).

"There's no more love for a daughter than there is a son, but it's just different. When they (boys) are kids you can roll them around and they fall to the sides and they pick themselves up and they're fine. Whereas Harper, now, she hits herself just slightly and she cries…I still think 'Oh God, I can't believe this, I've got a girl."

Despite the sultry spread and that incredibly touching reveal-- not to mention how much we might admire Beckham for remaining humble, focused and determined in the face of relentless fame -- Americans are still warming up to soccer. But David, please feel free to keep trying to bring our attention to your “sport.”