David Beckham Gets a Lovely New Tattoo

October 10, 2011 By:
David Beckham Gets a Lovely New Tattoo

Reason #127 why David Beckham is perfect. He got the word “Love” tattooed on his hand. And for some reason, it’s not a sissy tattoo AT ALL.

His new ink, is in tribute to his wife Victoria and their four children. Victoria tweeted a photo of his new “love” tat where 13-week-old baby Harper is seen grabbing his finger with her tiny baby hand. It’s so cute, I die.

Whenever David Beckham does something nice and dedicates it to his family, all women collectively melt.

Posh Spice tweeted, “Harper loves Daddy’s new tattoo of love.”

David also shared online, "You may have seen that I’ve got a new tattoo, hope you like it…” The tat is scrawled in cursive and takes space on the entire backside of his left hand. This is his second new tattoo since Harper’s birth in July.

In August he got her name inked along his collarbone. Beckham is super tatted up, he has over 20 tattoos. As long as he never gets one of those awful Mike Tyson face tats he should be fine.

Here’s a sampling of his body work: He has Brooklyn’s name inked on his lower back. Romeo, his second son, has his name across the base of his neck. Cruz’s name is on the middle of his back underneath an image of a guardian angel.

Victoria’s name is written in Hindu script along his forearm. Do the Beckham’s practice Hinduism? I don’t think so. He also has a design of Jesus (which was supposed to be styled to look like Beckham himself) being cared by three cherubs, which is to represent his three boys.

So that concludes the homage-to-his-family portion of his tats.

He also has a winged cross on the back of his neck that he flew in his UK tattoo artist to create in the middle of the 2004 UEFA Championships.

He has Chinese characters running down the left side of his torso that says “Death and life have determined appointments, Riches and honors depends upon heaven.”

He also has an image of Jesus on the way to the cross on his lower right ribs, which was inspired by a painting called “The Man of Sorrows.”

“Everybody’s got a way of expressing their feelings and mine is through my tattoos,” Beckham once told Anderson Cooper on 60 minutes. Which is mostly funny that 60 minutes did a special on celebrity tattoos.