David Beckham To Get His Own Talk Show?

November 5, 2012 By:
David Beckham To Get His Own Talk Show?
Image By: wenn.com

The soccer stud and DILF of the century, David Beckham, might be getting his own talk show soon!

Both Time Warner Cable and FOX have offered David his own sports talk shows. I know exactly nothing about sports television, so I’m going to assume they are giving him his own Sports Center style show.

A Time Warner source told UK Publication, The Daily Star, “We want David on board whether or not he continues to play for the Galaxy. We are on our way to becoming the world’s biggest sportscaster and he is a key part of our future.”

Apparently they are offering him a “multi-million”-dollar contract. He would be interviewing athletes from all sports disciplines and could basically do whatever he wants. That’s how badly they want him.  Basically, “David, here’s a TV show, do whatever you want we just want you so bad.” Also, that’s what she said. Heh heh heh. 

So now FOX is offering him even more money to come to their FOX Sports network.

However, with David’s LA Galaxy contract up for renewal in December, he’s considering retiring from soccer so that his wife can focus on her fashion career and move the whole family to NY.

“Victoria is keen to move to New York to set up her business there and open her first story. She looked at a school [for the kids] while she was there,” says the source.

Dammit Victoria, you’re making it too difficult for the world to eye-gawk over your husband!

“Everything is up for discussion at the moment. David may well choose to stay at his team LA Galaxy, or he may leave and retire from football.”