David Beckham Disappoints Fan

June 23, 2008 By:
David Beckham Disappoints Fan

We always hear about David Beckham being a really good sport with his loyal fans, so this story came as quite a shock. Jeanne Kelly, a mother of a seven-year-old boy named Conor paid $7000 for her son to meet David, which included flights to LA, hotel accommodations, and VIP tickets to watch Beckham's team L.A. Galaxy play on Saturday. But right beforehand, the mother learned that David was pulling out of the deal.

She says, "They told me there was a breach of security and David's not doing it… They're keeping us in the dark. Conor is heartbroken. He said, 'Doesn't Beckham know it's my birthday present?' He is my son's hero."

And little Conor wasn't the only one who got screwed over! Kelly's sister bought an identical package for her own son. Neither families have been reimbursed. And to make matters worse, David's rep insists he was kept in the dark about this.

He says, "It's unfortunate they lost their money. David would never not honor a charity he was supposed to do."

Those poor kids! But we agree that it doesn't seem like something David would do.