David Beckham Booed at First Game Back in LA

July 20, 2009 By:
David Beckham Booed at First Game Back in LA

David Beckham made his first appearance back in LA playing for the Galaxy last night. 27,000 people showed up to see the Galaxy take on AC Milan, whom Beckham was on loan to through the end of their season.

Now David’s back where he “belongs,” but he didn’t receive a warm welcome from his fans last night. Rather than cheer him on, fans booed Beckham, and held banners reading phrases like “Go Home Fraud” and “23: Repent.” A little harsh, no?

According to eyewitnesses, one man jumped on the field to confront David, and was then arrested. Becks told the LA Times, "They were saying things that really weren't very nice.”

Apparently fans aren’t pleased with the fact that Beckham left the Galaxy to play with AC Milan. But seriously, can you blame him? Milan is one of the best teams in the world, and this is David’s career!

Luckily for David, he was at least on his game last night, setting up both goals that were scored, and the Galaxy ended up tying AC Milan 2-2.

What do you think? Were the fans a little too hard on Beckham last night? Did he deserve to be booed at his homecoming?