David and Victoria Beckham Get it On All Day for Another Kid

July 15, 2010 By:
David and Victoria Beckham Get it On All Day for Another Kid

It must be nice being married to David Beckham. Not only do you have hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank, three adorable kids and a gorgeous hubby--but you also get to "try" for a baby all day long.

David admits him and Victoria Beckham are "always" trying for another baby and that they would be very "lucky" to have another child.

He said: “We’re always trying. If we’re lucky enough to have more, that will be amazing.”

Maybe they'd have a better chance if Victoria ate once in a while. She's so damn skinny we can only imagine how hard it would be for her to get preggers.

Meanwhile, during an interview with UK TV talk show host Jonathan Ross, he joked that Victoria will always be Posh Spice for him.

He said, “She’s down on my phone as Posh. She’ll always be Posh! She still calls me Golden Balls.”

When him and Victoria aren't trying for a baby, chances are they're at a tattoo parlor. David has been somewhat obsessed with tattoos in the last few years, and his obsession is starting to rub off on his kids.

He said: “The youngest, who’s five, the other day turned to me and said, ‘Daddy look at my arms’ and he literally had these tattoos drawn all over his arms.

“They have asked when they can have them. Romeo turned round and said, ‘I’m going to have mummy and daddy on my arm’. I’m not sure mummy would be pleased about that.”

Oh to be a fly on that wall. It would be pretty awesome hanging with the Beckham clan for a day--better yet trading places with Victoria. Which celeb family would you want to spend a day with?