Cutest Thing Ever: David Beckham Kisses Daughter Harper

April 24, 2013 By:
Cutest Thing Ever: David Beckham Kisses Daughter Harper

Your face is about to hurt from smiling so damn hard, because look at what we’ve got here…

Candid photos of David Beckham and his daughter Harper Seven Beckham going for a spring day stroll.

Move over, peeps.

Harper just threw on a little yellow cardigan and now possesses more cuteness than a basket of those marshmallow candies in just one of her pinkies. Her chubby, pudgy pinky.

The two skipped their way through the brick-stone streets of Notting Hill earlier this week, rocking all the spring trends (blush floral prints for Harper, denim-on-denim for David), giving each other Eskimo kisses, and killing nearby pedestrians with their adorableness.

We can’t wait for the Year 2050 when Apple invents the technology to physically reach through your iPhone screen to the person on the other side of FaceTime, because we just want to squeeze Harper’s cuddly cheeks.

All right, David, we know you’re her father, but time’s up, it’s our turn to hold Harper.

Give her to us.