Church of Scientology Desperate to Land Beckhams

March 10, 2008 By:
Church of Scientology Desperate to Land Beckhams

Everyone wants a piece of the Beckhams--including the Church of Scientology. David MisCavigne, who is the head of the Church, is desperate to land David and Victoria Beckham as celebrity followers.

MisCavigne is so intent on landing the Beckhams, he has a wall of photographs of the Cruise and Beckham families in his office. Isn't that creepy?!?

Ex-Scientologist Marc Headley says, "Tom's a good friend of the Beckhams. The church leader David Miscavige has literally hundreds of pictures of him with Beckham and Victoria and all the kids. They'd love to get them into the religion.

Let's hope the Beckhams don't go over to the dark side. And if anyone is making that decision, its Victoria, since she wears the pants in the relationship.