Beckhams Moving to New York City

December 27, 2010 By:
Beckhams Moving to New York City

Word on the street is that David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are moving to New York City!

The family is all over the place right now with both David and Vic’s jobs, but LA is just not cutting it as a home base anymore—at least for her it’s not!

According to England’s Now magazine, the Beckhams are making a Big Apple move, and it’s all due to Victoria’s quickly-expanding fashion empire. Just an example—her new crocodile handbag sold out last week in one hour…and they cost $14,000!

Apparently LA just isn’t fashionable enough for Vicki. “My work is so important to me and LA just isn’t a real fashion city,” Victoria reportedly told a friend.

“Her friendship group in LA has disbanded and David was traveling a lot more than she’d anticipated and so was she. It just seemed to make sense for her to be based in fashion capital New York. It’s closer to London and Europe for her business meetings,” says the source.

As for their home in Beverly Hills, the fam intends on keeping it, because David will remain playing for the LA Galaxy. “David’s used to flying a lot but this will be the first time he’s been permanently based so far from his team. If he has a few games in a row, he’ll stay in Los Angeles.

“This isn’t a decision they’ve come to lightly. They still like LA and have no plans to sell their home there but being based in Hollywood doesn’t appeal to them anymore and they feel it’s time for a change.”

I can see why they’re making the move—Victoria has gone from Spice Girl to major fashion designer in the blink of an eye! Girl’s gotta go where the money is!