Beckham Is a BIG Tipper!

March 7, 2008 By:
Beckham Is a BIG Tipper!

Holy cow! I've heard of celebs being generous tippers but this ridiculous! David Beckham left a waitress a $1000 tip, even though the entire bill only amounted to $100.

Beckham and his teammates were at Joxer Daly's bar celebrating after they beat Hollywood United 12-4 in a charity game when he left the big tip.

Waitress Claudia Belden is quoted as saying: "David only drank mineral water. He signed autographs for anyone who asked. He smelled so nice! I hugged him so tight and he didn't mind at all."

"David certainly tips well, usually because of good service," said Beckham's spokesman.

Not only is he drop dead gorgeous, he's also one of the sweetest guys. Posh is one lucky stick figure!