13 Outfits Worn by David Beckham That’ll Make You Rethink His Hotness

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13 Outfits Worn by David Beckham That’ll Make You Rethink His Hotness
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These days David Beckham is known as a flawless individual with a refined sartorial taste. But, here’s a friendly reminder that things weren’t always this way.

You may know him as the former international soccer icon who routinely kills it in a suit.

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Or the model of his own underwear line at H&M.



But let’s take a skip down memory lane, proving he’s only recently found his way through a shopping complex.

1. First of all, this du-rag:

Anwar Hussein/WireImage


2. These socks in slippers:

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images


3. The fade on his mustache:

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images


4. This ensemble in its entirety:

Gary M. Prior/Getty Images

Faded, baggy jeans. Silver Adidas. His “I Kiss Football” sweatshirt designed by a ransom letter writer.


5. When he channeled the vampire Lestat:

Tony Barson/WireImage

Dude, that’s a lot of velvet.


6. This baggy sweatsuit:

Stu Forster/Getty Images


7. These 50 shades of drab brown:

Dave Hogan/Getty Images


8. When he went “bold” in cornrows, taking them to a new “epic” level:

Ben Radford/Getty Images


9. The time he borrowed his whole look from Fabio:

Steve Finn/Getty Images


10. These proportions, and that beanie:

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11. Another sweatsuit:

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12. This safari-inspired, 1940s Indiana Jones two-seat pilot getup:

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images


13. His ill-fitting penchant for suits that made him look like he was about to sell you life insurance:

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