David Arquette's Divorce is Ruining His Career

December 15, 2010 By:
David Arquette's Divorce is Ruining His Career

David Arquette may want to try and win Courteney Cox back, because the whole not-being-attached-to-an-A-lister is kind of ruining his career.

According to Variety, Arquette is going to be the host of a new game show called Ranking the Stars. Ironic…

According to the description the show will feature a panel of seven celebrities who will be “forced to admit whether they think they’d be more or less prone to do something embarrassing — such as secretly informing the paparazzi on their whereabouts or making a sex tape — than the celeb sitting next to them.”

The executive producer said in a statement, "This show is all about celebrities hanging out for a bit and taking their guard down. David's whole persona is that. His honesty has bled through and it's come back to haunt him a few times. If there was every a celebrity with a brand that matches the show, it's this."

Apparetly the panels will be filled with celebs who know each other, like former sitcom cast members or the Kardashians. "The more they know each other, the funnier it will be," the EP said.

"A lot of my humor is from a self-deprecating place anyway," said Arquette.

“My flaws are what make me funny, and I have no problem letting people poke fun at that."

He apparently doesn’t give two shits about what anyone thinks about him. This sounds like a complete trainwreck and it does not seem to be bothering him one bit!