David Arquette Splits From Girlfriend

March 7, 2012 By:
David Arquette Splits From Girlfriend

Great, we can start the Courteney Cox reconciliation rumors again. I've really been looking forward to that.

David Arquette squashed all talk of a reconciliation with Courteney Cox when he started dating 'Entertainment Tonight' reporter Christina McLarty.

Howard Stern even flat out asked him if he would get back together with Cox if she asked him point blank.

"Uh, I mean, no," David replied.

But sadly, David is single again. He Tweeted on Tuesday: "Sadly, I'm single again."

So what happened? Why couldn't these two crazy kids make it work?

“A long distance relationship proved to be too difficult," David said.

Arquette lives in Los Angeles while Christina lives in New York. She hasn't yet addressed the split. But she's a reporter for 'Entertainment Tonight,' so they should totally make her do a segment on herself.

The two started dating last summer, and it was David's first high profile romance since splitting from Cox in October 2010. David and Courteney still remain friends, mind f-cking us all into think they're going to get back together. C'mon guys! Don't you know we have childhood trauma we're dealing with vicariously through your celebrity relationship?

Uh, I mean…Y'all look so cute together.

"I have not had sex," Cox told Howard Stern last month, claiming she's been celibate since the split. "It's been about a year. I'm holding to it."

The actress added: "I've not had a man since David…I have sexual feelings, there's ways to deal with that."

I don’t get it, what does she…OH.