David Arquette Leaves Rehab, Now What?

January 31, 2011 By:
David Arquette Leaves Rehab, Now What?

Charlie In, David Out! David Arquette left rehab over the weekend and no one even cared.

Courteney Cox's slob kabob of an ex is free to get drunk and hump cocktail waitresses again. Just kidding! He's tooooootally going to stay sober.

David was four weeks of treatment for alcohol abuse and is back home now--wherever home is these days.

His rep said, “He has completed treatment and has left the facility. He's feeling good and he's ready to move forward.”

A source added to Us Weekly: “He is very committed to his sobriety and a changed person because of his experience. He realizes now how out of control things got and doesn't want that to happen again."

Sadly no one really cared that went to rehab, everyone just wants to know if Courteney is going to take him back. Right before he agreed to go to rehab he told reporters,

"I've been drinking a lot. But I don't want to go into all that, because it's really a personal, traumatic thing. Everybody's worried and concerned about me. When I drink, I become a maniac. This is the hardest thing anyone has to go through. You wake up and the reality hits you."

Do you think Court will take David back? There seems to be a lot of love left between them and as long as David stay clean, they have a pretty decent chance of making it.