David Arquette Injured in Drunken Fall Days Before Rehab

January 7, 2011 By:
David Arquette Injured in Drunken Fall Days Before Rehab

Sure, a lot of things contributed to David Arquette going to rehab. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was….him almost breaking his own back!

According to the New York Post, Arquette had quite the alcoholiday break in Los Angeles prior to checking himself into Betty Ford. He banged himself up pretty good at LA hotspot Trousdale right after Christmas, which is what sent him packing.

David Arquette: Drunk and Depressed!

Sources say David fell flat on his face while attempting “the worm” at the club after several drinks.

A source says, "David has not handled the split well. He's been drinking heavily and just went wild. At Trousdale, he got wasted and tried to do the worm, but ended falling on his face and smashing up his nose. There was blood everywhere.”

He must have figured he had a few more hours of partying left in him, so Arquette jetted off to Miami next!

David Arquette Got Kinky With Strippers Before Rehab

Insiders say he refused to take off a “Lone Ranger-style mask” he wore to conceal his face, but you could still see the bruises and swelling. Eyewitnesses say he appeared "wobbly and incoherent" at nightclub Liv.

David then hopped back on a plane to LA for New Year’s, where he spent the next few nights hanging at Crazy Girls strip club in Hollywood. “He's been spending a lot of money at strip clubs,” the source adds. “He ended up a total mess."

So sad! I hope David’s getting the help he needs! He’s definitely in a dark place right now.