David Arquette Gets Bar Mitzvahed In The Holy Land

June 11, 2012 By:
David Arquette Gets Bar Mitzvahed In The Holy Land

Despite his boyish charm, David Arquette has “finally” become a man...about 27 years late. The 40-year-old actor just got bar mitzvahed in the Holy Land.

Apparently while in Israel to film a travel show, Arquette attended one of these congrats-you-have-to-shave-now ceremonies, revealed he never had one of his own, and thus, it became so.

He tweeted a pic of himself with the caption, “I had my Bar Mitzvah today at the wall. Finally I'm a man.”

The known former party dog who completed rehab for his battles with alcoholism seems to be making good on what he told People magazine was an attempt to grow the hell up. “It's not easy. In my heart, I just want to swing on these chandeliers, but I'm trying to keep my pants on and not run around naked."

Well maybe now that he’s officially matured and vowed to remain publicly clothed, David will take responsibility for his actions… Maybe he can make some amends and get Courteney back?

They’re clearly still crazy about each other. Examples: they still work together at their production company, Courtney refers to him as her BFF and after a two-year separation following an 11 year marriage, they’ve yet to make the split official with some divorce paper work.

In March he tweeted that he and rebound girl Christina McLarty had separated, and he was sad about being single.

Well pull your head out of that yarmulke David and go get your wife, she’s been saving herself for you.