David Archuleta's Mom Says Idol Is Fixed

June 2, 2008 By:
David Archuleta's Mom Says Idol Is Fixed

David Archuleta
sure does have some pain in the a** parents. Everyone by now has heard that David's father Jeff was a controlling stage dad throughout the show, but now it's his mother Lupe that's causing problems.

Lupe flipped out right at the Idol finale show after David Cook was crowned Idol winner, saying the show was fixed. She was very resentful of her son not winning, and wasn't afraid of letting people know. She said her David was the clear favorite, so voting must have been fixed since the other David won.

And Lupe's wrath didn't stop there! She even complained about the free car Archuleta was given as a runner-up gift, a green Ford Escape Hybrid SUV. Lupe complained that he would be recognized everywhere in their hometown Salt Lake City if he drove that car.

We're confused. Isn't that what they want?! For their son to be recognized? That poor kid better pack up and move away from them before they ruin his career before it even starts!