David Archuleta's Dad Has Been a Naughty Boy

June 18, 2009 By:
David Archuleta's Dad Has Been a Naughty Boy

Remember David Archuleta's dad? He was like super dadager while David was on American Idol.

All that managing must have stressed him out so much that he needed a happy ending. Unfortunately for him that happy ending cost him $582, and a lot of bad press.

Jeff Archuleta was charged with soliciting a massage parlor prostitute after cops raided a massage parlor back in January.

"Two of our detectives went back to that room to stop the activity," Midvale Police Sgt. John Salazar told news outlets.

"Inside they found a female masseuse and male client. At that time an interview ensued and the male client admitted to receiving sexual gratification from the masseuse."

He pleaded no contest to the charges and paid the $582 fine after being busted in Midvale, Utah. His attorney however insists that Archuleta was just getting a massage for his back. Tell that to the judge!