What David Annable Is Doing After 'Brothers & Sisters'

June 29, 2011 By:
What David Annable Is Doing After 'Brothers & Sisters'

His hit show might have come to an end, but David Annable’s career is just getting started. Hollyscoop talked to David about his experience on Brothers & Sisters, which aired its final episode in May.

“It was great, it really was, it’s sad that it’s done because it was such an amazing experience," Annable told Hollyscoop at the 2nd Annual SAG Foundation Golf Classic. "As a young actor to get to work for five years on a television show with these legends had been pretty great. Unfortunately now, I’m spoiled, and any show I do I would want to go 5-30 years.”

And not only is he enjoying his post-show success, Annable loves being married to his “super hot” wife, Odette Yustman.

“Married life is great,” David tells HS. “We just celebrated our eight month anniversary, and yeah, I’ve taken only three stab wounds to the kidney so I survived, that is good to know. You pick and chose you battles. It’s been great.”

When asked what first attracted him to Odette, Annable says,

“She is an amazing human being and I think we both come from similar places. We’re big family people, its family first that is something that we both agree on and can take us all the way to the top.”

He also revealed that the two are planning to expand the family.

“Practicing is fun. Soon, soon. A couple of years.”