Dave Annable: Sally Field Made Me Propose

April 26, 2010 By:
Dave Annable: Sally Field Made Me Propose

Dave Annable is such a freaking cutie! The Brothers and Sisters star is unfortunately already taken. But seeing how beautiful his fiancée Odette Yustman is, we know we could never compete.

The two got engaged over Valentine’s Day weekend, and we caught up with them at the Project ALS Event at Lucky Strike Lanes, and they told us the details!

“It's a dream,” Odette told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY. “It really is. I did not know it was real when he showed it to me. I said ‘That is not real, when did you have time for this?’”

Dave told us, “I remember sitting on the couch knowing she was the one and asking myself what I was waiting for. I'm lazy…I did not know how to make that step so I talked to (co-star) Sally Fields and she was the one who sent me to the ring store.”

Yustman went on to tell us that she didn’t anticipate an engagement. “I was completely surprised,” she confessed. “I had no idea he was going to propose. We spoke about it on the walk up to him proposing.

"He asked when we thought we were going to get married, and I told him I was not sure, maybe a year or so. The whole time he had the ring in his pocket. The best part was that he had my parents and his parents there for dinner afterwards.”

How adorable is that?! But Odette must be used to it by now, since she says he’s a complete romantic. She also told us they’re in the midst of planning the wedding now, and that it’ll be “this year. We just want to get it done and be happily married.”

We love how normal this couple is! They really do seem to be totally in love, and we know their wedding later this year will be gorgeous!