Catching Up With the Stars 'Men At Work'

June 25, 2012 By:
Catching Up With the Stars 'Men At Work'

“Men at Work” premiered last month to a substantial number of viewers. The summer comedy series focuses on the bromance of four dudes working together at a magazine as they navigate the drama and often gut-busting comedy of friendship and relationships.

Hollyscoop caught up with stars Danny Masterson, Michael Cassidy, Adam Busch, and James Lesure to get the scoop on what makes these guys so funny.

“I have been really enjoying what the writers have been giving us every script that I got I laugh … I think that’s a good sign,” said Lesure.

The actor is no stranger to the comedy sitcom genre. Lesure plays Gibbs on “Men at Work,” a man with the convenient habit of attracting the opposite sex. 

Gibbs and the rest of the gang work to pick up Masterson’s character Milo by his bootstraps who gets dumped in the pilot episode. Unfortunately for Masterson, heart break is not as far-fetched in life as he might hope.

“When I was 14 and I was still living in New York I was dating a girl who was going into high school,” he said. “We had a little summer fling and then she had to let me know that it was over for us. It was the first time I felt that little lump in my throat.”

Not to worry, though, Hollyscoopers… Danny – who we all know for his phenomenal work as Hyde in “That ‘70s Show” - assures us that he found someone else to love on the playground three days later.

Along with being able to joke about familiar topics, an all-male cast allows for a more relaxed on-set experience. For some of the guys, those work friendships continue after hours.

“James and I play tennis together,” said Michael. “We are all competitive all the time we always make fun of each other.”

The show features a slew of other categories straight out of the man cave. For Adam Busch, who plays the “geek” character Neal, nothing is talked about so far that he hasn’t actually experienced in real life.

“There was one time I was text flirting with a girl and I wasn't sure what to say,” Adam reminisced. “So I cut and pasted to a buddy and of course accidentally sent that to her and she wrote back like what's wrong with you.”

D’oh… The same mix up is a subject in the episode “Heterotextual Male.”

“Men at Work” airs Thursdays at 10/9c on TBS.