Danny Bonaduce Gets Engaged

March 23, 2009 By:
Danny Bonaduce Gets Engaged

Try to act excited. Danny Bonaduce is engaged. Yes, the reality show star that used to be the cute little redhead on The Partridge Family.

Danny apparently heard that it was engagement and wedding week in Hollywood, and proposed to his girlfriend.

According to Us Weekly, Danny asked his girlfriend of two years Amy Railsback to marry him and she accepted. Guess she likes short guys with bad tempers!

Amy told Us Weekly that Danny had proposed multiple times but "it's never quite official until you have a ring on your finger," so Danny made it official "with a sterling silver skull and crossbones ring that consists of diamonds and rubies in the eyeball," she says. Nothing spells love like a skull!

Amy went on to say Danny wears a lot of pirate jewelry. She says, “He normally wears, like, $12 rings, but this is the real thing. He promises to get me a grown up engagement ring and wedding when we get married. This one is a Danny version for now."

What’s with all these celebs getting engaged and tying the knot this month? We know there’s a tax break, but please!