Danielle Staub to Come Out on New Show

September 14, 2010 By:
Danielle Staub to Come Out on New Show

Danielle Staub just can’t stop trying to extend her fifteen minutes of fame. In a new interview with RadarOnline.com, Staub hints at coming out of the closet on her new spin-off reality show.

"You're going to see the truth of my sexuality revealed," Staub said during the interview.

"I don't like labels. I consider myself an incredibly stable human being."

Riiiiiight. As for her “preference,” Staub said, "I have to keep that for my show. That's something I have to save. I didn't give it to Andy [Cohen, Bravo host] or anyone yet. I think it's going to be a really nice element to add to my show. I mean Helen Keller can see what Lori and I see in each other so I don't think it's any secret but I'm not confirming or denying anything."

"I'm so excited because as soon as I start rolling and cameras are up, then I will have moved on from the whole Housewives adventure," she added. "The great thing is I get something new, I get new things in my life to do and no one is going to be attacking me like that -- nobody! There is nothing that they can do, they won't be able to touch me anymore.”

"I'm completely happy in my life and in love."

This is going to be one amazing shit show! We cannot wait!