Danielle Staub Leaves NJ Housewives: I'm Way Too Good for This

September 7, 2010 By:
Danielle Staub Leaves NJ Housewives: I'm Way Too Good for This

After watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show, we’re surprised any of the ladies got out alive. But now we know one person will not be returning to the show next season—Danielle Staub.

Bravo’s Andy Cohen confirmed the news last night in a blog post that read: "The reunion was Danielle's last appearance on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. We thought the hugs were a great way to end two seasons of bitterness between the women."

Staub has since spoken out about her departure, claiming, "I'm way too good for this. They have used me about as much as I can be used."

"I think it's time for me to move on and upward," she told Us Magazine. "I don't see any interest for me to be attacked like that."

So what’s next for dirty Danielle? Another reality show of course! "I want my own show," she said.

"I want to be me now. Not me according to other people. Me...a spin-off is absolutely, positively where I'm going."

She says the show will be about A spin-off, she says, would allow "my kids to be seen for the wonderful children that they are. I want to be shown as a mother, an artist, a supporter of my charities and the foundations that I'm passionate about. I want to use my platform to speak about the things that I love in my life."

She also said her search for her birth mother will be on the show as well. As for the other housewives, Staub thinks she’s better off without them. "The bottom line is, they need me, I don't need them," she explained. "They don't talk about anything but me. I don't talk about them, at all. I talk about me too! I have no need for them in my life. They have a great need for me to make the show successful. I made it successful."

With Danielle gone, New Jersey is going to need a new drama queen to fill her spot! Are you sad to see her go?