Daniel Radcliffe Was Drunk on the Set of Harry Potter

February 3, 2012 By:
Daniel Radcliffe Was Drunk on the Set of Harry Potter

I knew it! That scene in the Forbidden Forrest when Harry is supposed to be “dead” but was totally giggling the whole time, I knew he was drunk! That sneaky tiny little British man.

Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that at the age of 22 he has given up alcoholic together after he was showing up to work drunk, and by work I mean the set of “Harry Potter.”

Radcliffe told British magazine, Heat, “I can honestly say I never drank at work on ‘Harry Potter.’ I went into work still drunk, but I never drank at work. I can point to many scenes where I’m just gone. Dead behind the eyes.”

I know the scene. Potions class, 6th movie. Daniel Radcliffe was trying to add Goosegrass to make Polyjuice potion. Who does he think he is, a first year Hufflepuff? WHATT? The joke is gonna go over well with the three Harry Potter fans reading this right now.

“I have a very addictive personality,” says Radcliffe, “It was a problem. People with problems like that are very adept at hiding it. It was bad. I don’t want to go into details, but I drank a lot and it was daily – I mean nightly.”

Earlier today on the Wendy Williams show, Radcliffe revealed how his drinking problems were getting out of control.

“It was leading me to a place where I was not really happy in my life, and its much better now that I’ve stopped,” says the actor.