Daniel Radcliffe Wants to Bathe In All His Money

July 9, 2009 By:
Daniel Radcliffe Wants to Bathe In All His Money

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is giving new meaning to the term "filthy rich." In fact, he's so filthy, he wants to take a bathe in all his money.

Radcliffe admits that although starring in Harry Potter has been the best experience of his life, he can't wait to walk away from the film franchise so he can just enjoy his life.

“I have a year left on this last film but we are coming to the end now,” says Daniel, on nearing the end of his lucrative stint playing the world famous teen wizard.

“I will be quite sad to leave it behind and all my mates and everything but it will be exciting to go away and do something else and bathe in all my money.”

When asked what he'll do when his lucrative contract is up for Harry Potter he said, “I like staying in and chilling out so I’ll do that...I love watching cricket. It’s perfect for someone like me. I’m a real homeboy.”

We love bathes. Especially when the dirty water is replaced with millions of dollars. Bet he won't have a hard time finding a bathing partner after these comments.