'Skyfall' Features Explosions, Gadgets, Bad Guys, And Sexy Women

July 31, 2012 By:

A fresh trailer for the new James Bond movie asks, “Why not stay dead?” Probably because it's far too exciting to be alive in this movie.

Buildings blowing up, personalized super weapons, vicious villians and the drop-dead Bond women… The trailer for the 23rd Bond film Skyfall seems to have just about everything needed to satisfy the most avid of 007 fans out there.

Daniel Craig is as calmly badass as ever, which is saying a lot as he’s shot by a sniper, thrown from a train, and drowned to start off the two and half minute tease.

The trailer opens prefacing Bond’s death. M, played by Dame Judi Dench, types up his obituary.

“What do you say about a man like that?” her voice asks.

Her character gets into a little trouble for losing a drive containing information on agents embedded in terrorist organizations across the world. When M16, Bond’s headquarters, comes under attack, Bond resurfaces - not actually dead - in order to destroy the threat.

Other than a few snippets of dialogue and one-liners, the specifics of the story line remain concealed. This doesn’t exactly come as a surprise, though, as the production has been super secretive thus far.

The following things are for sures, though…

Explosions… Buildings, trains, cars… probably people somewhere in there. Everything is subject to sudden combustion in the trailer. The visual effects display adds to the high throttle feel of what’s to come.

Gadgets… We get teased with Bond’s new custom handgun, which is – as Ben Whisshaw’s character Q describes - “less of a random killing machine and more of a personal statement.” The gun recognizes Bond’s palm print and only fires when he’s holding it.

Bad guys… Javier Bardem plays Bond’s nemesis Silva in Skyfall. Bardem played the ruthless, bloodthirsty killer in the Cohen brothers’ No Country for Old Men. ‘Nough said.

Sexy women… Bérénice Marlohe plays bad girl Sévérine who Craig sexes up in a steamy shower scene. It’s a good enough reason in and of itself to pay $12 for a ticket.

Skyfall blasts into theaters November 9.